Immediately after the Clublooseii Drifting event on Saturday we had to pack our shit up and hurry over to the Welcome To Pittsburgh Jam or Welcome Jam for short.

The Welcome Jam is held every summer at the private trails of the guys from Live Jaunt.  The trails are on their family property and have been there since they were kids and the jam has been going on almost as long.  This year the Welcome Jam was the biggest I’ve ever seen it.  The road to the trails had cars parked up and down both sides for at least a mile in each direction.  To park Christian and I literally drove off the side of the road down what looked like a quad trail until we could find a spot big enough to stuff the car off to the side.  Thank you All Wheel Drive.

Christian was again behind the controls of the camera and shot this pic of the High Jump Contest.  I’m not sure who the rider is, but he is fuckin up there.

Thanks to everyone involved with the Welcome Jam.  It is always an awesome event and so great for the BMX scene as a whole and in Pittsburgh.  I’m always excited to see the friends I don’t get to see very often and of course make new ones.  Thanks guys!