For three weeks I have been trying to make some time to shoot photos of a pistol for an up coming tee shirt design.  I talked to Booby Buckets Saturday morning and we decided to squeeze it in that afternoon with a quick run to the local firing range.  With limited time we decided to take my shotgun and the pistol we were planning on getting pictures of.  The plan was to get the photos for the t-shirt design and then run a few rounds through the shotgun before we came home.

We were already packed and about to walk out of the door when our friend Ace called and asked if we would like to come to his father in-law’s to do the shoot.  It was a little bit further away but, had less rules than the public range and was far more private.  Bobby and I decided this was a better option and my brother Mike over hearing this decided to come along for the fun.

45 minutes South East of Pittsburgh we arrived in West Newton, PA  a small town on the side of highway 136.  We meet Ace and his father in-law at the house and pick a few guns from their collection to take out onto one of the abandoned mines that are pretty common place in the outskirts of Pittsburgh.  This particular mine was located in a small town that had no red s was maybe 200-300 yards long.  The town was built beside the mine by the coal company for the employees to live in.  The coal company actually owned the general store or company store which supplied all of the miners needs often at a huge profit for the company.

We must have looked insane to people as we drove through town that the only sign of change from the turn of the 19th century we cars in the driveways and siding on the houses that had been updated plastic sometime in the 1980’s or 90’s.  Streetwear is a completely foreign concept to anyone that lives there.  We crossed the stream in Ace’s Land Rover and drove out onto the mine.

We quickly got the photo I needed to shoot for the design done and then it was time for some fun.  Check out the photos and videos below of us buckin some shots.