Halloween Month 2012 draws to a close, and though it didn’t go as planned it didn’t go awry. Initially I had scheduled for three feature films and a festival screening, yet I only succeeded in seeing one of these four. The reason being, that like the tide life changes. Daily it does, thus I can’t complain that this annual event unfolded as it did. Originally I intended to see Paranormal Activity 4 for this piece; instead I stayed in and fished through Netflix. The Mist bit my bait.

The Mist is a 2007 Frank Darabont film based off of a 1980 Stephen King novella. Starring Thomas Jane its set within a small seaboard town overtaken by a mysterious mist. Jane’s character “David Drayton” finds he’s trapped in the local grocery store as this fog rolls in. There with his son and fellow shoppers he learns that the dense dew is more than just a blinding barrier, it is filled with extra-terrestrial creatures armed with an appetite. The plot and its execution are exceptional, certainly one of the most memorable horror movies made in years.

Like every good horror film The Mist is suspenseful. It hides its antagonist in the shadows, and when they are revealed it is done so aesthetically. Meaning they are seen not explained. The reason is simple; they are there to stimulate fear. The people are there to act it out. For what good is fear without anyone to feel it? And so my focus zooms in further, from the film to its supermarket stars. Along with David there is an array of personalities in the store. From a bible-thumping bitch, to a sharp-shooting grocer and an ass-kicking granny everyone is interesting. Upon witnessing this I began to wonder about all the interesting people in my own life. Being that this is “My Life at the Movies,” it like the aforementioned film is entertaining not because of a singular element. No, my life is a tale I keep telling thanks to those within it who inspire me.

Take Dave and Sarah for example. Having never met me face-to-face they nevertheless permit me to publish a piece here every Thursday with no complaints or restraints. Good people, my people, my friends. Then there is John. This certified horror fanatic is like a brother to me, always around to talk about life and sift it through a cinematic filter. Gwen is another friend. Over in Korea it’s not like I ever see her, yet she reads every one of these blogs and for that I am grateful. Many more could be named, but that is not the purpose, at least not theirs. For me they are around to help me see that which a movie cannot. Especially one in particular, an unnamed soul I write about often and will do so again I’m sure. And so the title’s clear, that drama in film is stimulated the same way it is in life, with a little help from my friends.