Initially we didn’t have plans to review the latest mix tape Taylor Allderdice from Pittsburgh’s home town hero Wiz Khalifa.  As the buzz built it became obvious that we couldn’t let the drop pass without adding our two cents in.

If you’re looking for Wiz to step out of his usual weed smoking, tales of women and what wheels he’s whipping around in you probably shouldn’t even be reading this article because you’re looking in the wrong place.

With jazzed out down tempo beats and Wiz’s usual totally baked flow this is the kind of tape you roll the windows down light up a joint and cruise through your favorite park looking for a bbq or cook out to invade with the crew in tow.  Taylor Allderdice is the feel good hit of the summer and you don’t have to go far for the proof, I witnessed it first hand riding my bike through the southside last night after the Blasfome Store closed for the evening.  As I pedaled from one end of the neighborhood to the other every other car was blasting Taylor Allderdice at that volume you jam out to when your eyes are half open and that huge joint you smoked is just starting to kick in.  No anger no aggression just good vibes.  If you don’t smoke you probably won’t get it, but your probably not supposed to.

My recommendation is that is recline those seats back put Taylor Allderdice on the stereo light those joints and let the spring air blow through your hair forget about work forget about the stress and relax to this tape.  Wiz would want it that way.. Cam Fowler Authentic Jersey