Blasfome Wolf Zip Hood

You guys have literally been harassing us through any means available to you to make zip hoods.  I’ve had emails come in that say “Love the Keystone Hate hoodies.  When are you making zip-ups you fuckin’ dick?” To which I would politely response “With that fucking attitude NEVER.”  Ha.

Well NEVER has finally came and we caved in a put together a fucking bad ass hoodie for you.  Pictured above is the Blasfome Wolf Zip Hoodie.  Its got a sweet wolf on the back and the tag line “Lone Wolf No Club.” This one is for you total bad asses or lone cowboys out there.  59.99 gets you the toughest zip-up money can buy.  If I were you guys I would jump on these right now because you never know when were going to make em again.  On Sale today in store and online at